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Maven Rentals Rules and Covenants vary depending on where you rent or buy. If here is an "i" information button near the rental box touch it to give you a notecard that will tell you what you can or can't do at your rental or land as well as a landmark to the rental office and link to this website. 


For land to buy on the ground the information is contained in the covenant which you can view from the About Land page. (right click on the ground to have this pop up)


Please read the rules or covenant to the land before you rent or buy!​



  • Respect the privacy of neighbours and others


  • Use only the prims you have paid for. If you need more you can ask to buy more.


  • If you go over your prim limit you will be given a warning and asked if you want to buy more prims. If you do not respond within a day, some or all of your items or the items of your guest could be returned to you. Prims are sold to tenants until the sim is full. If the sim is full and you are using prims that have been sold to another tenant your excess prims may be sent back to you immediately. Returned items will normally appear in your lost and found folder of your inventory. Maven Estates is NOT responsible for items that have been returned to you.


  • No refunds..No Exceptions. You can transfer your remaining rent to another rental just contact Amari Maven.



  • are allowed within a reasonable number on land in the sky 

  • land on the ground they are limited to pets only and must be less than 10 unless you request permission

  • motion and sounds must be turned off wherever possible to limit lag


Commercial business and Clubs

  • commercial business is allowed on all regular parcels in the sky

  • commercial business on ground parcels requires prior permission

  • Clubs are usually only allowed in the sky only due to issues with lag and are limited to smaller operations only



  • Rather than raise prices to be able to offer discounts Maven Rentals offers low prices for as little as one weeks rent. There is no need to pay for a month at a time to take advantage of a discount.


Late Rent

  • The rental box will remind you three days before your current time is due to expire. After this time you will have 24 hours grace period to make a payment before you are evicted and your items returned to you.

  • If you know that you will not be able to pay your rent on time please contact management prior to your rent expiring so we can attempt to work with you.

How to Information

Need to know how to do something in your rental or on your property?


The following are instructions on things you may need to know. If you don't see your question answered here or you do not understand, please ask.​

Group invites 


  1. When you pay the rental box you are sent a group invite within a few minutes.


CasperLet rental boxes


  1. Touch the rental box and use the tenant button to add up to 10 sub-tenants to the rental box. This will send each one a group invite. If they do not need to rez or set home there they DO NOT need to be added to the group.

  2. If you would like to eject anybody from the group and your rental you can do so through the same tenant button.

  3. Please Do Not  sendgroup invite requests to management as they must be done through the rental box. The group invite menu can only be used by the primary tenant.

  4. When a rental expires either for non-payment or the tenant chooses not to renew, the tenant and all guests are automatically ejected from the group by the rental box and group bot unless the tenant has another current rental. This is a scripted eviction to keep the group limited to only those who have a right to be at a rental. It does not mean that you are not welcome to be a part of the group again if you have another rental. 


***PLEASE NOTE*** If you are ejected from the group and still have another rental either as a tenant or a guest it is because the rental box you were invited to the group from had you listed as a guest and it is scripted to clear the guest list. At this time it is not able to check that you are a tenant or guest at a current rental. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but please resend an invite to yourself from your current rental or have the primary tenant send you a new invite if you are a guest at their current rental.




  1. Security systems are provided at each rental with the exception of land for sale on the ground. They are automatically set to the correct settings for your rental and the primary tenant is added as admin when they rent. (they will look like a white ball near the ceiling over your control panel or on the wall or rental sign)

  2. To access the menu touch the ball or box and a menu will come up.

  3. To add guests or partners to the access list so they may visit the rental while the security is on touch the security and choose "access" from the menu. Follow the menu instructions to either choose the name of the person near you or type in their name. **partners are not automatically added to security when you add them to the rental box, you must add them manually**

  4. To turn security on; click on arm on the menu. Lockdown mode will set the evict time at 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds. Disarm will turn it off.

  5. Tenants are not able to access all of the functions of the security as some are set to management only. 

  6. Cntrl Panel will take you to the website where you can view a list of visitors to the parcel.


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