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HOW DO I....?


Add a partner or guest to the rental box or group.

Click on your rental box and use the tenants button to add your partner. They will be automatically sent a group invite so that they can rez or set home at your rental.


Use the security system

Please see the detailed instructions on the Info page


Add more prims 

If you need more prims just ask Amari Maven. (contact info on support page). Prims are normally available for most properties at the price of .85 linden each added to your weekly rent. If  you decide to add more prims your time on the rental box may go down due to the new price. When you add more weeks you will pay the new weekly rental price.

If you own land on the ground, extra prims are only available if you buy more land on the sam sim and they are in the same name or group. Please ask what options are available to accommodate you on your sim.



Return furniture

If you have rented a furnished skybox or house and do not want the furniture that comes with it you can send a message to management to have the items removed and you will be given extra prims instead. Please keep in mind that a few of the newest houses have been made with shadows baked into the floor and these shadows will remain. If this the case with your home, you will be offered the choice of a completely unfurnished model.


Change the radio station

All of the rentals are preset with the Mavens radio stream of top 40 hits. If you rent a skybox, house or regular platform you can use your own url for other music stations under the land sound tab or deed your own radio or tv to the group so that you can use. 

If you have rented one of our landscaped skydomes or platforms (4096sqm, 1/4 sim and full sim) you cannot change the existing land station but you are welcome to use any of the available NON deeding radios or tvs available on the marketplace. (VEA for example). These allow you to listen to radio or tv through various web channels.


Deed a radio or tv to the group

If you live in a regular skybox, house or platform or land on the ground, you are able to deed radios or tv's to the land group. Right click on the item and go to the edit window. Look for the "share with group" box and click on this. The "Deed" button will light up. When you click on this it will ask you to confirm if this is what you want to do. Please keep in mind that once an item is deeded to the group you can no longer edit it or take it back into inventory unless you ask a staff member to return it to you.


Change the scenic panorama or ground textures

Most houses and regular platforms come with a scenic panorama that you can change as well as a choice of ground textures. To change the view around the platform touch the control panel near your rental box. You will need to have your group tag active to do this.  The arrow in the middle allows you to scroll through the pages of scenes. Click on one to change the scene. The ground textures simply click and choose one from the menu.


Change my rental

Tenants are welcome to change their rental at any time to any of my other rentals or land for sale on the ground. Just inform Amari Maven of which rental you would like to move to and any money you have on your current rental box will be transferred to your new rental. If there is a difference in price you may receive more or less days on the rental box.


Get a menu on the dance machine, rental box, group invite menu or security orb.

If you touch any of these items and don't get a menu but you have before, you have likely blocked this item and will have to remove it from your blocked list. Depending on your viewer, you will find your blocked list in the same menu that you see people near you. Blocked will be a tab on the same menu. Find the item and remove it from this list. You will probably need to relog to have the change take effect.


Find items that were at an expired rental

If your rental expired and you did not renew within the grace period, any items left at the rental will be returned to you. These items normally can be found in your lost and found folder which is the default location my Linden Labs. Maven Rentals does not have any control over returned items and they cannot be picked up or stored for you due to the permissions system. Maven Rentals is NOT responsible for any lost items that do not return to your inventory as we do not have any control over them once we select return.